What Is The Concept Of Lingerie?

The definition of lingerie is women’s undergarments – generally implying that these undergarments are
fashionable and alluring. More often than not, lingerie uses flexible, stretchy, sheer, or decorative
materials – for example, silk. Its formal usage revolves around the simple concept of undergarments;
however a more informal usage implies visually appealing or erotic clothing.
Lingerie was developed in the late 19th century as an attempt to “free” women from restrictive corsets.
As fabrics developed through time, lingerie became more comfortable, breathable, and even
fashionable.More about Lingerie here!

There are a few different standard types of lingerie – ranging from nightgowns to bodysuits. Depending
on your culture, lingerie is designed specifically as an alluring outfit meant to be seen. Popular lingerie
styles vary from country to country. The fundamental purpose behind lingerie is beauty, comfort,
support, or confidence – sometimes a combination of those.

Asian Culture
In this region, lingerie is used primarily as a source of comfort and functionality. In earlier days, lingerie
was designed to facilitate wearing more ornate outerwear. At one point, some used lingerie to protect
the outerwear from body soil or sweat. In Asian culture specifically, like China and South Korea, lingerie
is now seen as a set of undergarments worn to please ones companions. South Korea, specifically, places
high value in the lingerie worn on one’s wedding night – finding the perfect set is seen as a passage of

Western Culture
In this region, lingerie is also seen as a fashion statement over comfort and support. Lingerie in this area
is known to be highly eroticised, meaning its sole purpose is to be appealing to suitors. This culture
tends to add more texture and colour to their lingerie. The Western idea of lingerie is starting to spread
to New Zealand, Latin America, and Serbia.

Lingerie has made great progress since its original development – beginning as a functional piece(s), then
fashion, and now a combination of both. Lingerie is an expression of fashion and confidence and it’s
finally beginning to be treated as such.

Furthermore, lingerie provides much needed support for the women wearing the pieces. Studies have
shown that an incorrectly sized bra can cause a variety of muscular and posture related problems. This
problem is prominent in the Middle East.

There are an assortment of styles, opinions, and uses for lingerie from culture to culture. However, as
time goes by we’re noticing that we’re more unified than we thought when it comes down to what we
wear beneath our clothes. People wearing lingerie that is fashionable, comfortable, an supportive
promotes higher self confidence and a better quality of life all-around.