Natural Testosterone Boosting – How It Works

Testosterone is a hormone which is produced by the testicles, and it is mainly involved with the epitome of man. The hormone performs a major role in the male reproduction as well as sex thus impacting factors such as muscle building, hair growth reproductive function, maintaining the density of bones, maintaining levels of red blood cells and others. Below are natural ways to boost your testosterone levels

Lose weight

In case you are overweight, it is important losing some pounds because it will increase the testosterone levels. Overweight people have a low testosterone level, therefore if you want to have high testosterone levels, consider losing the excess weight. Ensure you keep the fructose levels found in many foods below 25gm daily. It is also important to keep cell. grains and milk diet consumption. The foods you choose to consume will determine the success of having weight loss. Foods such as carbohydrates, vegetables and glucose are best for weight loss.

High-intensity exercise

Both short and high-intensity exercise have shown good results on boosting the level of testosterone. Short intensive exercise has a positive effect on raising the testosterone level as well as preventing it from going down. Intermittent fasting usually boosts testosterone level by increasing hormones which are known for raising libido drive. Such hormones are:

  • -insulin
  • -glucagon
  • -cholecystokinin
  • -adiponectin

Having a protein meal after an exercise also increases testosterone levels

Consume a lot of zinc

Zinc is an important mineral in the generation of testosterone. Zinc also protects people from exercise-induced reductions in levels of testosterone. Diet having a lot of zinc is the best for people who want to increase their testosterone levels. These foods include:

  • -raw milk
  • -raw cheese
  • -whole grains
  • -lobsters

Strength training

Strength training for fitness is also known to boost the level of testosterone provided you are having enough of it.

Optimize vitamin D intake

Vitamin D is a steroid hormone which is important for healthy development of sperm cell. Vitamin D also aids in maintaining the quality of semen as well as the sperm count. The vitamin is also known for boosting testosterone levels which is the key source of boosting libido.

Reduce stress

When one is under stress, the body releases high levels of cortisol hormone. Cortisol is discovered to block effects of testosterone. From a biological view, stress reduction will ensure the testosterone levels are stable.

It would be stressful when you realize you have low testosterone levels, but all you need is talk to a doctor about treatment options. However, lifestyle changes may be all you require to re-energize your body.