How To Define And Know Your Body Shape

Determining your body type can be challenging and, honestly, rather difficult. To figure out your body shape or type, you have to closely examine yourself in the mirror and judge honestly the shape of your body. Itâs not an easy thing to do, especially not for those who struggle with their self-image. However, figuring out your body shape is a necessary part of life and weâll help walk you through it.

What types of body shapes are out there?

The five main body shapes or types are rectangle, apple, pear, hourglass, and inverted triangle. Itâs important to keep in mind that not everyone fits perfectly into these categories; you may fit into multiple categories or none at all.

Examine your body while standing a small distance from the mirror (a few feet away should do)

You should stand a small distance away from a full-length mirror to get the full, undistorted image of your body. This should be done with no clothes on (yes, including underwear) as certain clothes can accentuate certain features and distort your perception.

Focus in on your torso shape

Your body shaped is determined by the shape of the chunk of your body extending from your rib cage to your hip line. If your upper body and torso are wider than your hips with little definition in your waist, your body type is the inverted triangle. If your torso and hips are about the same width and you have distinct waist definition, your body shape is the hourglass shape. If your upper body and torso are wider than your hips and you have little to no definition in your waste, your body type is the apple shape. If your torso and upper body are smaller than the size of your hips and you have definition in your waste, you are pear shaped. And lastly, if your upper body and torso are the same width as your hips and you donât have much waist definition, youâre rectangular shaped.

Remember this is not a perfect system

Itâs crucial to remember, as your trying to define your body shape, that this system is not perfect. You will probably not fit ideally into one category. You may not even fit into any category at all. Weâre all different; these guidelines are merely close commonalities.

Determining your body type can be challenging; it can be difficult to examine yourself that closely and to decide which category you fit best into. Knowing your body shape can help you in purchasing clothes that will look best on you, finding lingerie with the right fit, and even knowing which hairstyle will look best on you, but try not to get too wrapped up in it; weâre all different and it isnât a perfect science.

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