5 Finishing Touches For Your Lingerie Collection

Do you have a lingerie collection? If you do, then you must have some or at least all of these undergarments as part of your collection. And if you are planning to give someone a gift of a lingerie set, you can use this list of undergarment pieces to get an idea of what kind of lingerie to give.

1. Thong
Thongs are not also really sexy, but they are pretty comfortable to wear. These underwear pieces are very light. And when you are dressed in a thong, it is almost as if you are not wearing any underwear at all. And plus, every guy loves a girl that is dressed in a thong. You could wear a thong underneath a tight dress, to hide the fact that you are wearing underwear.

2. Slip
A slip, whether it is made out of satin or velvet, can be a comfortable piece of lingerie to wear. You can either wear it as an undergarment or even as sleepwear too. It can be comfortable to wear this kind of undergarment, especially if it is made out of a soft material such as velvet.

3. Bodysuit
A body hugging suit can be a great addition to your collection of undergarments. A body suit made out of satin can look sexy and will make your lover really like your appearance. You can also easily wear a body suit underneath a robe if you want to reveal your sexy body suit slowly.

4. Thigh Stockings
Black thigh high stockings are an iconic piece of lingerie. You have probably seen women in media that are wearing black thigh highs. This means that every woman should have a pair of thigh highs as part of their collection. These long black stockings are going to make your legs look gorgeous too.

5. Silk Pyjamas

More comfortable than sexy, this is still an essential piece to have in your lingerie collection. You can quickly relax and lounge around at home if you want to wear some silk pajamas. And if you are going to pair this with another kind of undergarment, you could easily wear a sexy lacy bra and panty underneath it. Making it very easy to take it off and become utterly sexy once you do.

All of these items are must haves for anyone that is collecting ladies lingerie. If you are wondering if what kind of gift to give some, who likes collecting lingerie, you can use these above undergarment items as a guide. You could buy someone one of these undergarments if they already do not have one in their lingerie collection. Or if you are collecting lingerie yourself, you had better have at least some if not all of these pieces of undergarments. Any self-respecting lingerie collector should have a majority of these items already. So try to start searching for where you can buy them. Many online stores sell lingerie, which makes it quite easy to purchase them if you need to.

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